Sarah has always loved baking. At a very young age, she was happily helping her parents and Grandmother in their kitchens, even winning her first of many baking contests at the age of 12. As an adult, she was a natural in the kitchen, no matter what the recipe, baked or broiled, Sarah made great tasting and good looking dishes. She won a variety of awards at local Fairs and contests and usually provided the dessert at the church potluck or family get-together.

She decided to take a Wilton's cake decorating class with her sisters in 2002, just for fun and to maybe add a little flair to her goodies. Turns out she had a knack for it. Over the years she continued to make special cakes and treats for friends and family, or the odd occasion, concentrating more on her baking talents and slowly fine tuning her craft.

By 2005, Sarah was a stay-at-home mom of five kids, homeschooling them all, but somehow still looking for a stimulating diversion in the ever elusive "me-time." She took a couple more of the Wilton's classes, and by early 2007, had sold her first cake, officially becoming a professional baker.

Since that first order, Sarah has taught herself quite a bit about baking and decorating, and continues to polish her skills with new techniques and ideas. But her most meaningful contribution to her baking is the love she has for it, and it shows in every creation.


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